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I am an economist at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. My research interests include asset pricing, financial intermediation, and macrofinance.

I received my Ph.D. in financial economics at the Yale School of Management. Previously, I worked at the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Financial Research and the global economics research group at Goldman Sachs in New York.

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apr. 2023 I joined the Federal Reserve Board of Governors as an economist in the International Finance division, Global Capital Markets section
feb. 2023 Cash-Hedged Stock Returns won the best paper award in the investments category at the 2023 SWFA
dec. 2022 New paper posted: Leverage and Stablecoin Pegs
sep. 2022 Cash-Hedged Stock Returns is a semifinalist for the 2022 FMA best paper in the investments category
jun. 2022 New paper posted: Cash-Hedged Stock Returns
jan. 2022 New paper posted: Making Money

Working Papers

Making Money
with Gary B. Gorton and Chase P. Ross
Abstract · PDF (latest) · SSRN · NBER WP #29710

Leverage and Stablecoin Pegs
with Gary B. Gorton, Elizabeth C. Klee, Chase P. Ross, and Alexandros Vardoulakis
Abstract · SSRN · NBER WP #30796

Government Risk Exposure: Zombies, Bailouts, and Government Suppliers
Abstract · PDF

Cash-Hedged Stock Returns
with Landon J. Ross and Chase P. Ross
2023 SWFA best paper award winner in investments
2022 FMA best paper semifinalist in investments
Abstract · PDF · SSRN · FEDS WP #22–055 · OFR WP #22–03

Works in Progress

Decomposing Deviations from Covered-Interest Parity
with Tobias J. Moskowitz, Chase P. Ross, and Kaushik Vasudevan

Convenience Stores
with Gary B. Gorton and Chase P. Ross

Pricing With Almost-Arbitrages
with Chase P. Ross

Other Writing

Non-centrally Cleared Bilateral Repo Link
with Samuel J. Hempel, R. Jay Kahn, and Vy Nguyen
August 24, 2022, Office of Financial Research

Forecasting the Economy During COVID-19 Link · PDF
with Chase P. Ross
May 26, 2020, Yale Program on Financial Stability

Fed Actions Support Agency Mortgage REITs Link · PDF
with Chase P. Ross
April 22, 2020, Yale Program on Financial Stability

Flight from Maturity During the Coronavirus Crisis Link · PDF
with Chase P. Ross, Gary B. Gorton, and Andrew Metrick
March 26, 2020, Yale Program on Financial Stability

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